The proper function of man is to live, not to exist -

Jack London 

Jack London is one of my favorite authors and I attribute my sense of adventure and longing to see more of this world to the first time I read

 "The Call of The Wild" back in the fifth grade.

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Hi! My name is Autumn, and I am an avid explorer and writer! I have spent the past decade documenting my extensive world travel while holding down my "day job" in Washington State in the agri-entertainment business. Basically, I'm an entrepreneur who started a little farm that now sees up to 40,000 customers a month! I love my job and have fulfilled my childhood dream of saving abandoned animals while also raising awareness and promoting an organic, self-sustaining lifestyle here on my farm. Check out Fox Hollow Farm here! Our farm hosts countless events and festivals each season in celebration of the holidays and we also put on a myriad of private and corporate parties where families and colleagues can enjoy time together surrounded by the astounding natural beauty of the Issaquah Valley. Every day at Fox Hollow is a new adventure! 





























For me, "Never Unpack Your Suitcase" represents my entire life's journey...a path of constant adventure and change. It also means that no matter what life throws at me, I am ready to face it and prepared to endure it. My laptop goes with me everywhere and I am a veracious outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, and active participant in volunteerism, conservation, and promoting sustainable agriculture.! 









Serving others has always been a passion of mine and I always seek out opportunities while I'm traveling where I can make a difference. It's called "traveling with a purpose"! My focus tends to be on issues related to anyone in need but specifically towards women and children, and animals, and my time spent volunteering in orphanages, shelters, and animal sanctuaries around the world are still some of my most cherished travel memories!






















I have three grown daughters (Kyra, Maddy, and Gabby) and my little guy Harrison, who is now 10. I have been passionate about exposing my children to the diversity that exists in other cultures to ensure that they grow up with a much broader understanding of the world around them and so that they possess acceptance of people who are different than them.  Much of my extensive travel over the past two decades was with them in tow as we immersed ourselves into the underbelly of whatever place we were visiting. It has truly been a deeply bonding experience for us as a family and the level of awareness that my children now possess is something I treasure (and not something that can be taught in school). Raising my children on a farm was one of the best things I ever did for them. 



In addition to volunteering, I am an enthusiastic adventurer and I have always loved music and dancing! In 2014, when I attended Coachella with my then 17 and 20 year old daughters, I was hooked! The festival community promotes so many ethos that I believe in including PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) and the events always feel like a big extended family of warmth and acceptance. Festivals are one of the best ways to feel a sense of celebration on a massive scale and it can be a beautiful experience to be part of. Some gatherings focus more on art and others more on music, but mostly, they all exude self-expression, and in a world that is dominated by societal pressure, this is a welcome relief of being yourself. Over the years, my favorite festivals have been EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, Electric Forest, Middlelands, Holy Ship, Mardi Gras, and the legendary Burning Man. To read my detailed "survivor guides" to each festival click here!

As far as adventure and activities, I love to be outdoors, engage in sports of all kinds, and explore off the beaten track. I am an advanced, deep water scuba diver, high brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and equestrian who sometimes dabbles in fishing, skiing, hiking, and sky-diving. I also love to garden and bake! I am devoted to a healthy lifestyle of working out 3-5 times per week, and following a diet of mostly vegetables, seeds and nuts, fruits, and occasional fish and chicken/turkey. I don't smoke or drink alcohol because I honor my body and by living and eating clean, I feel vibrant and full of energy plus I am able to manage stress better. People are often shocked when they find out that I'm 45 with four kids!

The path that led me to where I am today has been a long one. As many of you know, our journey isn't always a happy one and situations (and the people involved in them) are often outside of our control. Alongside moments of joy can come depths of despair where we feel alone and forgotten, and our trust in others is shattered as the darkness sweeps in around us. However, it is because of the darkness, that I am so grateful for the light... and in contrast, the light seems so much brighter to me today.. I believe that everything in life is a choice. And while the darkness has taught me lessons that will never be forgotten, I choose to live in the light and spread it to others. - Autumn


(Harvesting my pumpkins)

(Feeding my macaws)

(Longtail boat in Thailand)

(Bahamas nurse sharks)

(Skydiving in Dubai)


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