Burning Man started in 1986, when Larry Harvey and his buddy Jerry James assembled a 8-foot tall makeshift wooden figure and dragged it to San Francisco’s Baker Beach on the Summer Solstice. They lit it on fire, a curious crowd of around 20 people watched it burn, and thus one of the world’s weirdest, wildest parties was born.

From those humble beginnings, the Man grew (hitting 105 feet in 2014), as did the number of attendees (nearly 70,000 in 2017). Once an intimate gathering of friends and family, the festival is now an arty, apocalyptic paean to the wonder of self-expression, attracting a tight-knit community of bohemians and misfits from all around the world.

Top Tips for new Burners:

Decide what kind of a burner you are before you go. If comforts such as air conditioning, a private bathroom and shower, and closet space is important to you and if it IS, then bring an RV instead of a tent. One of the most significant differences in RV camping versus tent camping at Burning Man is water storage and DUST.  You cannot pour water onto the playa so you will have to store it all week and pack it out with you. This means water from showers,

Bring at least $500 in cash to pay for RV water tank refills, gray and black water drainage, and to purchase ice. If you pre-register for RV service, the trucks will come on scheduled days and times. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing them around the whole time you’re on the playa. Bring 30 gallons of extra gas or you can also pre-pay for fuel and a fuel truck will come to you and fill you up. If you bring containers full of gas you have to keep them in tubs or they will confiscate them. This prevents leakage onto the playa.

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